The 3JIT group was born as a result of the combination of innovation and experience in business development and strategic industrial development plans with the aim of being an essential strategic partner of our clients and business partners to develop the capabilities that allow organizations to achieve a sustainable advantage in the short, medium and long term.

Led by leading actors in the transformation and evolution of the aerospace sector up to the current levels of excellence and supply chain development, the search for the optimization of production processes, management and business development, based both on technological innovation, Cultural change in the management of management teams and the combination of lean philosophy with the digitalization of processes with the aim of maximizing the added value provided by our customers is our reason for being.


The 3JIT group is lead by professionals with extensive experience, both national and international, in challenging projects of strategic planning, management and execution of industrial transformation processes and business development, leading from the areas of Operations, Engineering and innovation, Purchasing, Logistics and Supply Chain.

Executive partner

& founder





He is an Aeronautical Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, a Diploma in Senior Management from the International Sal Telmo Institute (AD1) and in the Senior Management of Leading Companies (ADEL) by the same Institute. Of great experience in positions of high responsibility (COO Operations Management, Plant Management, BoD Members of different companies, etc.) in Companies and Multinational Groups.


He has developed his career in different sectors and areas of responsibility and in companies such as Aena, Airbus, Alestis and large construction and building companies. And in the Industry and Aerospace Sector for 34 years in different positions of responsibility, Engineering Management, Plant Management and Operations Management in the multinational Airbus.


He has high experience and knowledge in technological and industrial processes related with all the Manufacturing and Assembly technologies applicable to the Aeronautical Sector (Industrial Flights, Functional Tests, Integration of Structural Groups, Manufacture of Hybrid Unions, Composites in and out of Autoclave, RTM, Processes of Infusion, ALM etc). With a high level of knowledge in Industrialization Processes, Industrial Organization, Business Restructuring, Viability Plans, Change Management and Transformation of the Company, as well as in the application of Lean methodologies for solving problems and improving industrial process efficiency.


International experience in the application of Industrial Development Plans and Business Development in countries such as Poland, Indonesia or Turkey.He has been a member of the Steering Group of the Industrial Strategy Board of Airbus Defense & Space and coordinator of the activities of the EADS / Airbus Chair with the University of Seville, Málaga and Cádiz.

He has also participated as an expert in the development of the Strategic Plans of the Aerospace Sector for the Community of Andalucia.

Executive partner

& founder





He is an Industrial Technical Engineer from the Polytechnic University of La Rábida (Huelva), Industrial Engineer from the E.T.S.I, I, of Seville, Master in Business Administration and Management from the University of Deusto.

He has developed his professional career in the aeronautical sector for more than 33 years, holding positions of high responsibility in the companies CASA, EADS, MTAD, Airbus China, ADS and Alestis Aerospace in the areas of General Management, Directorate of Industrial Operations, Strategy, Costumer Services, Procurement, Supply Chain and Logistics and with high international experience in countries such as, France, Malaysia and China


Throughout his professional career and in the performance of the different areas of responsibility he has had the opportunity to direct all kinds of projects, among which, the application of lean systems focused on the rapid change of tools in manufacturing processes, implementation of statistical control of processes, flexibility of structural assembly processes, outsourcing of logistic and warehouse processes and technical inspection for the goods reception, responsible for industrial development of structural assemblies both nationally and internationally and development and global implementation of a Center of Advanced Manufacturing Technology with Composite materials of Horizontal and Vertical stabilizers and fiber panels in China.


He has also been an active member in the analysis teams of the projects to improve efficiency and increase productivity launched at the national level, these projects being fundamental bases of the current operational organization at Airbus plants in Spain. One-time member of the Strategic Industrial Board of Airbus


He is a collaborator in the Escuela de organizacion Industrial EOI of Seville, both at the level of teachers and tutor of Master's projects.













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